No More Desserts, Android Q Is Android 10

With the launch of every major new version of Android, we get a dessert-themed name to accompany the version number. We're currently enjoying Android Pie (9.0), which replaced Android Oreo (8.0), and so on right back to Android Cupcake (1.5). However, for Android Q there is no tasty treat naming convention anymore, it will simply be known as Android 10.

As the Google Blog explains, for this latest version of Android the mobile operating system is adopting new branding that should be "as inclusive and accessible as possible."

Part of the branding change is to drop the use of desserts in alphabetical order to represent each new version. The feedback showed these names could be confusing for Android's global community. Android Lollipop (5.0) is a good example, as some languages don't easily distinguish between L and R when spoken. With that in mind, Android Q will be known as Android 10 when it reaches smartphones, nothing more.

The logo is also changing to adopt "a more modern, accessible look." The robot has been added because Google views it as "a symbol of the fun and curiosity at the heart of Android." The lettering has also been switched from green to black as users with visual impairments found the green hard to read. Other color combinations are also available and equally take into consideration readability.

Earlier this month the final beta release of Android Q was released and so now we await the official release of Android 10. The new branding will be transitioned to over the coming weeks so as to be in place when the final version does appear.
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