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One of the tourist areas in Bali is Nusa Dua. Because this place is very beautiful, so many tourists who travel there. So many built or established Hotels in Nusa Dua Bali. There are Star Hotel 5,4,3,2,1 and also Cheap Hotel .

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The hotel in Nusa Dua Bali is specially made for the tourists who come so much to this area, so the hotel building there is generally bali style architecture that is the tourist attraction that travel in Nusa Dua.The location of the Hotel in Nusa Dua is located near the beach of Nusa Dua and some are some distance away.

For clarity, this is the list of hotels in Nusa Dua Bali.

1 Star Hotels in Nusa Dua

Do not worry if you think there will only be luxury hotels in Nusa Dua. In fact, some 1 star hotel you can rent at an affordable price:
Cheap Hotel

What 1 star hotel offers a swimming pool for guests? In Nusa Dua, you can find it at Cheap Hotel. Hotels with overnight rates from Rp225.000 to Rp250.000 per night provide an outdoor swimming pool for you.

The Cheap Hotel is located at Jalan Prataa 81, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. Water Blow Beach can be reached in about 14 minutes, Nusa Dua Beach is only about 3.8 km, Turtle Island which is about 1.8 km from this inn.
The Studio One

The next affordable hotel option in Nusa Dua area is The Studio One. This inn provides overnight facilities with rates ranging from Rp300,000 to Rp360,000 per night. With these costs, you will already get a room with a capacity of two people with a large enough size.

The Studio Inn also provides easy access to popular tourist attractions in Nusa Dua. You just take a distance of about 1.6 km to get to Nusa Dua Beach. For those who travel with the family, Pirates Bay Restaurant can be reached in just about 10 minutes. Furthermore, you can also drop by and take pictures at Water Blow Beach that offers a unique phenomenon.
Clamonic House

A friendly hotel with backpacker bags can then be found at Clamonic House. To stay here, you can choose a room with capacity for one, two, or three people. The rates offered are different and depending on the type of room selected, ranging from Rp150.000 to Rp600.000 per night.

From the location of the hotel in Permata Nusa Dua Block IV No. 1, Nusa Dua, you can reach Puja Mandala in no more than 5 minutes. Puja Mandala can be one of proof of religious harmony in Bali Island. Here, there are five buildings of worship for five followers of religion in the country.
21 Lodge

21 Lodge can be the next consideration if you are looking for a 1 star hotel with pool facilities. With a flat rate of about Rp300.000 per night, you can invite your travel companion to relax together by the pool.

Its location also makes it easy to reach tourist attractions in Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua Beach can be visited by driving no more than 10 minutes. You can also visit and witness the unique phenomenon of sea water bursts at Water Blow Beach, about 3.4 km from the hotel.

2 Star Hotels in Nusa Dua

For those of you looking for a 2 star accommodation with easy access to visit the sights, here's the list of hotels:
Amaris Hotel Pratama Nusa Dua

For backpackers who want to get a cheap stay with complete facilities, Amaris Hotel Pratama Nusa Dua can be considered. This hotel charges around Rp320.000 per night. With these costs, you will get a room with a comfortable bed and strategic location.

The hotel is just 700 meters from Nusa Dua Beach. Souvenir shopping activities can also be done at Bali Collection which is only 600 meters away. Meanwhile, there is a large swimming pool in the hotel. You can choose to swim or simply have a meal while relaxing by the pool.
Alam Bali Hotel

A 2-star hotel with swimming pool facilities can also be found at Alam Bali Hotel. This lodge in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua offers accommodation rates ranging from Rp300,000 to Rp400,000 per night.

From this cheap lodging location in Nusa Dua, you can reach some tourist attractions with ease. Nusa Dua Beach is only about 2.6 km away. Meanwhile, the Pasifika Museum which stores artwork from foreign artists can be reached in no more than 5 minutes drive.
White Rock Lodge

The combination of cheap hotels is strategically located and complete facilities can be found at White Rock Lodge. This 2-star hotel provides two-person rooms with rates ranging from Rp350,000 to Rp450,000 per night.

In addition to cheap, this hotel in Nusa Dua also provides entertainment facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool. By location, the inn is located at Jalan Siligita 18, Nusa Dua is adjacent to the Water Blow Beach. Nusa Dua Beach can be reached in no more than 10 minutes.
Ellie's Hotel

Ellie's Hotel is located at Jalan Taman Lawangan number 1, Nusa Dua can be the next consideration. This 2-star hotel offers overnight facilities with rates ranging from Rp250,000 to Rp395,000 per night. The rooms provided were quite comfortable and the amenities are complete.

One proof of the completeness of Ellie's Hotel facilities is the swimming pool. The visitors can relax while swimming in this pool. Although, the size of the pool is not too big. In addition, the hotel building also has a quite luxurious design. Far from the impression of a cheap hotel.

By location, Ellie's Hotel is no less strategic. It is about 12 km from Bali's Mangrove Forest. Alternatively, you can reach this hotel from Ngurah Rai International Airport by driving for 16 minutes.

3 Star Hotels in Nusa Dua

You are looking for middle class accommodation in Nusa Dua, can directly check the list of lodging below:
Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua

Located on the edge of the highway, precisely at Jalan Pintas Siligita No. 3A, this 3 star hotel gives travelers the convenience to find it. Its location is also adjacent to popular tourist attractions in Nusa Dua. Starting from Puja Mandala, Museum Pasifika, to Mengiat Beach.

The facilities owned by this inn are pretty standard for a 3 star hotel. With rates ranging from Rp740,000 to Rp1.900.000 per night, you will have access to various facilities in the hotel, such as swimming pool, business center, Wi-Fi access Free, or concierge service.
Mahogany Hotel

This 3 star hotel does have a number of rooms not too much, only 47 rooms. Even so, guests staying overnight at this inn will be able to get full facilities from swimming pool, free Wi-Fi access, to restaurant. All that you can use with an overnight rate from Rp400.000 to Rp1.400.000 rupiah per night.

Some of the popular tourist attractions can be reached from Mahogany Hotel ranging from Balinese Mangrove Forest which is about 11 km, Water Blow Beach which is separated as far as 6 km, to Nusa Dua Beach which is approximately 4.9 km from the hotel location.
La Orein Cafe and Residence

The location of the hotel that is not less strategic in Nusa Dua is also owned by La Orein Cafe and Residence. 3 star hotel located at Jalan Pratama no. 8 adjacent to some famous sights. You can hunt Instagrammable photos at Water Blow Beach which is about 2.7 km away. You can also see the beauty of Tanjung Benoa Beach and Nusa Dua.

Regarding the stay rate, do not worry. This inn is a budget hotel with a cheap overnight stay. You only need to spend money from Rp180.000 to Rp240.000 per night. Only, the facilities are not too complete, for example there is no swimming pool.

4 Star Hotels in Nusa Dua

4 star luxury accommodation in Nusa Dua can you consider on the following list:
Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua

Located just 300 meters from Nusa Dua Beach, Grand Whiz Hotel provides a convenient place to stay for a vacation with family or spouse. You can spend all day relaxing by the beach. Moreover, this hotel provides high comfort with a building design that makes the guests like being at home alone.

This 4-star hotel has a total of 130 rooms. There are several types of rooms that you can choose from Standard, Superior, to Junior Suite. The cost of stay also varies, according to the choice of room, ranging from Rp800.000 to Rp2.600.000 per night.
Amaroossa Suite Bali

A comfortable stay with full facilities can also be found at Amaroossa Suite Bali. This boutique hotel offers rooms with rates ranging from Rp850,000 to Rp1,200,000 million per night. There are 60 rooms with four room options ranging from Executive Suite, Royal Suite, Pool Suite, to Family Suite.

Its location is located in Taman Mumbul, Jalan Kebo Iwa No. 2 also provides ease of exploring the various tourist attractions in Nusa Dua. The hotel is only about 1.43 km from Puja Mandala. You can also reach Nusa Dua Beach which is about 4.1 km from the hotel location. In addition, the hotel is also quite close to Ngurah Rai International Airport, approximately 12 km away.
Novotel Bali Nusa Dua

This 4-star hotel has a strategic position, about 700 meters from Mengiat Beach. You are also enough to walk to see one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Dua. Only, the exclusive location can only be enjoyed with a fairly expensive cost of stay. Starting from Rp1.600.000 to Rp4.000.0000 per night.

5 Star Hotels in Nusa Dua

For those of you who prioritize the luxury of staying at Nua Dua, some 5 star hotels can be considered:
Mulia Resort

Exclusive atmosphere you can get when staying in this 5 star hotel. There is a swimming pool that becomes a fitting place to witness the beauty of the beach in the afternoon. Can also choose to sit with a partner at the poolside bar. Food offerings provided by the hotel also varied. Starting from the traditional menu of Indonesia, China, to Japanese food.

As one of the 5 star hotels with full facilities in Nusa Dua, the stay at Mulia Resort is not cheap. The cheapest room that can be found at this hotel is set at a rate of about Rp6.2 million per night. Meanwhile, Royal Suite Ocean Court which is the most luxurious room in this hotel has a stay rate of about Rp9.400.000 million per night.
Inaya Putri Bali

Inaya Putri Bali is one of the 5 star hotels offering views of Mengiat Beach directly from the hotel area. You can choose to relax in the infinity pool while watching the beauty of the beach. The atmosphere will feel more romantic in the afternoon or evening.

Room options provided by Inaya Putri Bali range from Deluxe rooms to Ocean View Suites that feature views of the Indian Ocean from the room. Rates vary, ranging from Rp1.900.000 to Rp7.500.000 per night. All these rooms have contemporary Balinese designs, modeled on the atmosphere of Penglipuran Village known as a tourist village in Bali.
Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua Resort

Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua Resort is not a beachfront hotel like Ayodya or Grand Hyatt. However, the hotel located at Lot SW1 Tourism Area, Nusa Dua has quick access to beautiful beaches in Nusa Dua, such as Geger Beach, Mengiat, or Water Blow.

This 5-star hotel is also known to have a natural atmosphere. In fact, you will find small squirrels roaming the hotel area. This scene would be an interesting thing, especially if you vacation with your child. Moreover, the hotel provides the best service and friendly to its guests.
Ayodya Resort Bali

A five star hotel with a spectacular view, that's Ayodya Resort Bali. This luxurious resort provides 537 well-equipped rooms. You can choose a room with a balcony. There, treat scenery Mengiat beautiful and romantic beach you can watch with your partner.

If you want a more romantic atmosphere, the hotel also provides dinner packages by the beach. This is perfect for couples who are going on a honeymoon vacation. You can also be a choice of activities for couples who are celebrating the wedding anniversary.

Rooms available at Ayodya Resort Bali are also varied. The cheapest room is a Deluxe Room which is set at a rate of about Rp1, 800,000 per night. If you want to get the most luxurious room in this hotel, you can choose Ayodya Palace room which has a cost of stay of Rp4.900.000 per night.

Nusa Dua area Bali is often referred to as a holiday paradise because this place is built entirely for tourism purposes. Beautiful beaches, a row of hotels with full facilities, a restaurant with beautiful scenery, and various tourist activities can be found in Nusa Dua.

Completeness of these facilities also make the tourists feel at home linger in Nusa Dua. You do not need to go far from the hotel to witness the natural beauty of Bali. In fact, some luxury hotels in Nusa Dua also has a private beach facilities.
The way to Nusa Dua

Transportation access to Nusa Dua can be done easily from various places in Bali. Here are the options:
Air transport

You can board an airplane with the aim of landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi to Nusa Dua in about 21 minutes.
Land transportation

This area is only about 40 km from Denpasar. You can also reach Nusa Dua from Kuta or Jimbaran, each within 30 and 15 minutes drive

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