Hotel Kanira Bandung

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One Cheap Hotels in Bandung / Hotel Murah di Bandung whose name the more famous is the Hotel Kanira Bandung. By having complete facilities and infrastructure, hotels in Bandung or Hotel di Bandung, West Java has become the choice of people who want and expect to spend the night in a cheap inn the best in 2016.Untuk mengetahui promo,voucher dan harga yang ditawarkan semua travel bisa anda ketahui Situs Pencari Hotel.

Kanira Hotel Bandung is one of the best Hotel in the city who are often crowded by guests both on weekdays and on weekends. The hotel is located quite close to the tourist spots in the city. One of the tourist attractions close to this hotel is the Trans Studio Bandung is located in Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 289, Bandung. If the private car, and unhindered jammed, Trans Studio Bandung your reach in just 5 minutes. But on the day and certain hours, the road from the hotel to Trans Studio Bandung can be very dense. This usually happens when the density of the morning, at home office, and during the holidays.

During the long vacation, Trans Studio Bandung is one of the places in the city that is visited by the tourists. Travelers generally come from outside the city who intend to visit Trans Studio Bandung and other tourist spots in the city. Bandung Hotel Kanira this could be the right choice for travelers who need a place to stay. Its strategic location and proximity to Trans Studio Bandung would be a great pull factor for tourists. In addition, the hotel is also close to the area's culinary Stone Fruit Bandung area is very well known.

Address Hotel Kanira Bandung

Hotel Kanira is addressed in Jalan Bandung Student Warriors 45 No. 10 West Java, South Rim, Lengkong, West Java, Indonesia. See location details here. !!! Phone Number: +62 22 7316283

The hotel's location is quite easy to find because it is a very strategic location, located in the passageway of Jalan Buah Batu. So tourists who want to book a room at this hotel can easily find the location of this hotel.

Hotel facilities Kanira Bandung
The hotel has 34 pieces of the bedroom and the rooms are divided into two types, namely the type of room Partners and charm. Striking differences of the two types of rooms are Mitra room type has a bathroom located outside the hotel room.
Facilities provided in each room are a television, air conditioning, and telephone. Charm on the room type, given a private bathroom with hot and cold water. Similarly, the outside bathroom in room type Partner, no hot water facility and chill well. Then at this hotel also features a restaurant and 24-hour room service so you will have no trouble finding a place to eat your dinner. Besides the parking lot of the hotel is also quite extensive for a private car, so you do not have to worry about the security of your vehicle because the parking lot was also on duty for 24 hours.

Rates Stay at Hotel Kanira Bandung

Rates to stay at this hotel is ranging from Rp. 120. 000 per night. A tariff of that, the hotel can be quite cheap for a hotel located in the city center. Rates stay per night this will change during the weekends or during school holidays. For ordering you can contact the hotel phone number Kanira Bandung (022) 7316283, (022) 7321990 or (022) 7303616.

Similarly, some of the reviews about the hotel kanira duo hope to help you find answers to hotel accommodation during the holidays to Bandung.

That Cheap Hotels in Bandung which has level as a 1-star hotel in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
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