Places To Visit in Bali , Kuta Beach

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There‘s a saying that says, arrived at Bali without visiting Kuta Beach was incomplete. Beautiful panorama with a robust romantic impression is that the main character from the tourist attractions in Bali this one. Inside the area of Kuta Bali, there will be lots of cafes, malls, to discotheques. Kuta is that the nightclubs in Bali's most famous. Little question, the area of Kuta in Bali is usually filled with tourists visit. And You can spend the night in a Hotel Kuta Bali near Kuta Beach 

As a Places To Visit in Bali , Kuta Beach, of course,You‘ll see how crowded people in Kuta to ensure that traffic congestion Isn‘t a wierd thing during this place. On Kuta Beach, you are able to do surfing activities. There surfboard rentals and surf courses even if you need to. Inside the tourist area of Bali this one, you could find several hotels in Kuta in addition to a sort of other interesting inn.

Kuta Beach is really a tourist place located Kuta districts, south of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. This area is really a tourist destination abroad and has long been mainstay tourist island of Bali since the first 1970s. Kuta Beach is usually mentioned like the sunset beach (sunset beach ) instead of the Sanur beach. Additionally, the Field I Gusti Ngurah Rai is located not removed from Kuta. 

Before it became a tourist attraction, Kuta is really a trading port where local products are traded to buyers from outside Bali. Inside the 19th century, Mads Lange, a Danish merchant, came to Bali and established a trading base in Kuta. He‘s an authority negotiate so He‘s popular among the many kings of Bali and also the Netherlands. 

Famous Kuta beach has good waves for surfing sports (surfing ), especially for novice surfers. Besides the beauty from the beach, Kuta beach resort also offers various kinds of entertainment for example bars, restaurants, shops, restaurants, hotels and grocery stores, along with street vendors down the beach to Legian beach. 

Kuta Beach could be reached in around 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport inside the current road conditions. 

Like a tourist beach, Kuta beach designed with a parking zone down the coast, public bathrooms, beach umbrella, food and beverage outlets, along with surfboards rental place. 

Kuta beach cleanup inside the morning 
Hauling garbage on Kuta Beach 
Annually, Kuta beach visitors often complain of problems of cleanliness and piles of garbage on Kuta beach, especially throughout the holiday season. It influences the assessment of domestic and foreign tourists towards the image of Kuta beach. Additionally because of the activity of visitors and sellers along Kuta beach, trash upon the beach of Kuta is likewise because of the wind blowing west every year that bring garbage from a close-by river estuary towards the beach. 

Trying to beat this issue by prajuru Desa Adat Kuta and participants in Water Tourism Rescue Agency (Balawista ) which is really a partner from the Department of Hygiene and Badung. Every morning, Department of Hygiene and active also operate car loader to get trash each morning. This issue also gained a significant concern from the military, a number of community organizations, and tourism industries inside the area of ​​Kuta Beach.
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